Prizes and awards

The artistic level of the choir has been awarded several times in regional, national and international competitions and festivals. The “Coro Polifonico di Ruda” has been taking part in regional festivals and contests since its first years.

Under the artistic direction of Secondo Dal Bianco, the choir took part in eight regional choral competitions and won three first prizes, three second prizes and one fourth prize.

With the maestro Tullio Pinat, the choir appeared on the national and international scene eight times, winning two first prizes, a third prize and a fourth prize.

Under the direction of Orlando Dipiazza the activity of the choir increased: the choir participated in 19 national and international competitions and it won nine first prizes, two second prizes, one third prize and one fourth prize.

The participation in national and international competitions with the maestros Sofianopulo and Visintin is also worthy of attention.

Under the direction of Sofianopulo, the choir won second prize at the national competition in Ravenna in 1976 and 1977, in Arezzo in 1978 (third prize category Gregorian chant) and the second prize (first prize not assigned) at the competition Cesare Augusto Seghizzi in Gorizia in 1981.

At the same competition the “Coro Polifonico di Ruda” was awarded the Rachele Basuino special prize for the best interpretation of a piece of sacred polyphony (Tenebrae  Factae Sunt by Vincenzo Ruffo).

In 1995 the “Coro Polifonico di Ruda” was awarded the Nonino Risit d’Aur prize for its contribution to the promotion of Friuli’s image to the world. In 1996 the choir won the Moret d’Aur prize which is awarded every year to important characters in the Friulian’s scene.

In 2005 the choir was awarded the Maltese cross honour by the local administration of Ruda while in 2016 the choir won the Epifania prize from the municipality of Tarcento.

In 2001 the choir, directed by Daniele Zanettovich, won the excellence prize at the competition CoroVivo organized by USCI Friuli Venezia Giulia in Gorizia.

Under the direction of Fabiana Noro since 2003, the choir has participated in several national and international competitions and it has always reached levels of absolute excellence. These are the prizes won by the choir in recent years:


39th National Choir Competition “Città di Vittorio Veneto”

  • First prize, “Polyphony” category
  • First prize,”Folklore” category
  • Special prize for best programme
  • Grand Prix “Efrem Casagrande”


9th International Choir Competition “Tallinn 2005”

  • First prize, “Romantic music” category
  • Second prize “Grand Prix”

53th International Polyphonic Competition “Guido d’Arezzo”

  • Absolute second prize, “Polyphony” category


1st International Competition “Anton Bruckner” (Linz)

  • First prize, B2 category (Male choirs without compulsory piece)
  • First prize, S category (Sacred music)
  • Grand Prix “Anton Bruckner”
  • Fabiana Noro won “Best director of the competition” prize


5th World Choir Games Graz 2008

  • Gold medal, “Sacred music” (category 16)
  • Gold medal, “Folklore” (category 27)
  • Gold medal, “Male choirs” (category 14)
  • Olympic title, “Male choirs” (category 14)


  • XXVI International Franz Schubert Choir Competition (Vienna)
  • First prize, S category (Sacred music)
  • First prize, A2 category (male choirs with compulsory piece)
  • Special “Franz Schubert” prize for the best execution of a piece by the composer
  • Grand Prix “Franz Schubert”


6th World Choir Games Shaoxing

  • Gold medal, Male choir (category 12)
  • Gold medal, Folklore (category 19)


City of Derry International Contest

  • Third prize in the Polyphony category



2nd International Choir Competition “Canta en Primavera” (Málaga, ES)

  • Gold medal and winner, F category (Folklore)
  • Gold medal and winner, S category (Sacred music)
  • Gold medal and winner, A2 category (Male choirs)
  • Special prize of the committee to Fabiana Noro as the best director of the competition


International Choir Competition “CançóMediterrània” (Lloret de Mar/Barcelona, ES)

  • Excellent golden diploma and winner, “Folklore” category
  • Excellent golden diploma and winner, “Sacred music” category
  • Excellent golden diploma and winner, “Catalan music “category
  • Excellent golden diploma and winner, “Pau Casals” category
  • Gran Prix for the best choir of the competition


International Choir Competition “Antonio Guanti” (Matera, IT)

  • First prize in category “Youth and Adult Voices Choirs”
  • “A.Ba.Co” Special Prize for the best performance of a contemporary Italian piece